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May 13, 2016


Propellerhead Reason


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With Reason it’s very easy to get up and running right out the box. With a massive library of sounds, presets, instruments, and effects there will be no shortage on creative tools to get started. In addition to that library of beat making gear, there are additional third party plugins that can be purchased separately and added to your instrument and effects rack. The past few releases have included an audio editor that previously was not part of the Reason bundle. This combination of MIDI sequencer and audio editor gives you everything you need to build the track of your dreams from conception to completion. Another cool feature that some people are unaware of is Reasons Rewire capabilities that allow Reason to be inserted as an instrument plugin in other DAW’S. For instance, if you were using Pro Tools you could open Reason via Rewire as a plugin within Pro Tools and take advantage of the instruments and samplers. The Reason/Pro Tools combo has long been my go-to tool set for projects. As an audio engineer I have always preferred tools like these that allow for maximum flexibility and creative control in regards to sound design. Pro Tools has long been the industry standard for audio recording/editing and I believe Reason to be it’s equal in the MIDI production/sequencing world.  I created this blog in an attempt to consolidate information from across the web into one resource for newbies looking to get into the beat making business and make some noise. Obviously I’m a Reason fan-boy and have made that the focus of this blog, but at the end of the day it’s a tool. There are hundreds of hardware and software based production tools that have been used over the years to make hits. If you are looking to purchase something to make beats with, don’t be discouraged by price, you can always start out with something on the low end and work your way up to a more advanced piece of software/hardware. Below you will find additional information about Reason and the tools found within it. Most of the descriptions and technical specs are direct from the manufacture and I try to identify that with italics.

Making Your First Beat With Reason


Instrumentsbrowser window

Explore the virtual instruments that are included with Reason.

Reasons Virtual Instruments




Effectsecho and reverb chamber

Check out the audio effects processing

Reasons Effects Processors



Rack Extensionstwo space rack compressor

Here are some third party plugins that can be purchased separately

two space rack compressor       Reason Rack Extensions


Recording And Sequencingmidi sequencer and audio timeline

The recording features and MIDI sequencer in Reason are packed with value

Reason Recording Platform And MIDI Sequencer





Mixing Your Beatmixing console for digital audio

Aside from the rack mixer there is  a large format type mixing console for polishing your final mix

The Mixing Console





Work Flowdrag and drop functionality

This program was designed for production- streamlined for the those that charge forward

Production Work Flow





Artist Interview: Printz Board Makes Beat From Scratch (The Black Eyed Peas)


About Propellerhead

“We’re driven by a dream—of a world where anyone and everyone can make music. And technology helps you fully express the music inside you, effortlessly share and collaborate with others, and become inspired by the experience.

No two musical dreams are the same.

Perhaps you’re a producer willing to sacrifice everything for a chart busting hit. Or a poet who’s driven to tell a story over a restless beat.

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Whoever you are—even if it’s someone who just likes to sing in the shower—we can help make your musical dreams come true.

Since 1994 we’ve been building affordable, innovative instruments and software tools like Reason, Figure, and Take, products that have helped millions fulfill their musical dreams.

Today we’re taking the next step by introducing the world’s first social network for music makers—a service that makes it easy for you to create music and connect with other makers eager to share, explore, and collaborate.

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