May 12, 2016

About The Reason Beat Makers Blog

Thanks for swinging buy our blog. This was created to help new (and old) musicians find the best tools available for their recording projects. With so many options out there it can be difficult to cut through the noise and identify the recording software, computer, or microphone that fits your budget and serves your needs.

Please Note:

We are in no way affiliated with any of the manufacturers or developers we have listed and suggest on this website. The technical information we have provided for each product has been obtained and referenced from the manufactures website or social channel without their knowledge or consent. The “About Us” section on the manufacturer/developer page is also a direct reference to the content made available by them on their respective websites and we have chosen to share their story with you without their knowledge or consent. All products listed on this site have been listed with the intention to further inform you about that product and assist you with making an educated decision come time for purchase. We have listed items for sale here that can be purchased from Amazon.com by clicking the item link. This is how we support the build and maintenance of this blog as we earn a very small commission if items clicked on are purchased. So, please, if you find value here and are considering the purchase of any items we have listed we would appreciate you supporting us by clicking the links we have provided.

What You Can Expect To Learn Here

We are excited to share with you our knowledge of audio production and online marketing. After spending the majority of my professional life in a recording studio producing audio and video content for entertainment and commercial use I decided to turn to the internet to share my experience, pass on my knowledge, and help the “little guys” that are trying to make it in an industry that for years was almost impossible to break into. The music business today is better then ever for independent artists and bands trying to make their way onto the scene with out a deal. We all can use a helping hand at times, and I hope this blog consolidates enough information into one place so that it makes it easier for you to find the tools you need to succeed. On that note, the majority of the videos and information we list on the product pages will be from the manufacturers. Our contribution outside of consolidating and organizing this data will be added through our blog posts. Probably more then “beat making” tips, I will be sharing tips from an engineers perspective that should help you better utilize the tools you are working with. The other valuable content I will be sharing with you is how to better market your business online. Wether you’re a Beat Maker, an MC, Vocalist, Producer, or Engineer…… YOU NEED WORK! So as a an up and comer, how do you get eyes on your project? Well besides the local market, the internet is one heck of a place to start.

Engineering Your Beats

Beats that don’t bang, don’t go far. Everyone has a computer, everyone can click a mouse and choose a preset or a pre-engineered sound. But how about taking your craft to the next level by not only Making Beats but engineering them so they thump the trunk of any car that bumps them, how about balancing the mix in such a way that any system you listen to the beat on it sounds like it engineered and mixed in LA. You don’t have to become the next Tony Maserati engineering for Jay-Z and Beyonce. But you can learn enough to craft your sound so that it doesn’t sound like the next guy that’s making beats with Reason. Sample libraries are overly accessible, sounds are common, and people are lazy. You can cut through the noise, bang harder, mix better, and engineer the heck out of your beats to get noticed by anyone out there that cares about quality.

Marketing Your Music And Making Some F’n Money

Well, if you are reading this here then chances are you found this website somewhere online. That there my friend is because I engineered this site like an audio signal to be heard, like good music… to be found! You think the music industry is huge and hard to break into, the internet is the biggest black hole out there and will suck up your content (music/music videos/website) and spit it out into cyber space. If you are serious about making beats, engineering, producing, singing, or spitting bars then you will need to get exposure online so that people discover you. You can’t just post a song or video to your social media feed and expect it to be discovered outside of your friends and family. So, it’s my goal in this blog to give you some tips and tricks on how to better leverage your online presence for success. You want to make music, might as well make money doing it. If nothing else your beat could be used as a soundtrack on a Netflix original, or picked up and used as a bed for a radio jingle. There is money to be made – go make it!!